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Aptcia General body Meeting 2017

AP Technicalll (commercial) institutes association 47th general body meeting will be held at Tadepalligudem in the premises of Z P HIGH SCHOOL ON 15-10-2017 SUNDAY.  The details are all in APTCIA TIMES news letter which is here under given.

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September Type Results Released

AP Type Shorthand results released by sbtet.
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Monday, 15 May 2017



NO.APSBTET/TE/01/1094 /2005-Vol.II.                                                 DATED:08-05-2017.

(1)  Online applications are invited from the eligible candidates willing to appear for Typewriting and Shorthand examinations scheduled in the month of July/August,2017 in the Examination Centres as mentioned in the Annexure. The Principals of Typewriting and Shorthand Institutes,  which are recognised by the Department of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, are alone eligible to sponsor the candidates for the Typewriting and Shorthand Examinations schedule to be held inJuly/August,2017and private candidates are informed to carefully go through the instructions given below before filing the applications.The applications of Typewriting Examinations sent by the Principals of unrecognised Typewriting Institutions, will be rejected without any intimation and the examination fee paid by them will be forfeited.

(a)  Typewriting Lower and Higher Grade Examinations both in English and Telugu will be conducted in 4 batches.

(b)  Typewriting Junior Grade in EnglishExaminations will be conducted in only one batch, where the exams are scheduled for only one day i.e. along with the First batch of Higher Grade Examination and in two batches i.e., (I and II Batches) at the examination centres where exams are scheduled for two days i.e. along with First batch & Third batch of Higher Grade Examinations. Typewriting High Speed Examinations in English and Telugu will be conducted in one batch only as per schedule.

(c)  Typewriting Urdu, both Lower and Higher Grade,  Examinations will be conducted in one batch each,  at   Govt.Polytechnic, Vijayawada only,  in view of very less number of candidates appearing for these examinations.

(d)  Typewriting Hindi both Lower and Higher Grade Examinations will be conducted in one batch each in view of very less number of candidates appearing for these examinations.

(e)       Totally blind candidates are also permitted for Typewriting Examinations. Separate    Typewriting Question Paper in BRAILLE LANGUAGE will be given.

(e)       The candidates must apply through a recognized Typewriting Institutions in Andhra Pradesh in case of first appearance for any of the examinations (any language or any grade).  Subsequently one can appear privately by enclosing a copy of his previous Hall Ticket and requisite qualifications along with downloaded online application. Candidates can appear for shorthand examinations directly and submit their downloaded applications along with requisite documents to SBTET, AP.[[[
(f)   Govt. Employees appearing for the examination shall seek permission from their employer for appearing the examination. Instructions mentioned in the notification should be strictly adhered to.
(g)  Typewriting Examinations will be conducted during the first week/second week of August,2017 tentatively.

(h)  Online application (to file the online application) will be commenced tentatively during the month of Junefirst/second week,2017 and will be placed in the SBTET website.

Typewriting English

A pass in VII Class examination/VIII Bonafide Certificate with the date of birth.

Typewriting English /Telugu/Hindi/Urdu

An appearance of SSC Examination or equivalent. Candidates should enclose attested Xerox copy of hall ticket if marks statement is not yet issued. Where the marks statements are issued, an attested Xerox copy of marks statement should invariably be enclosed to the application.

Typewriting English/Telugu

A pass in Lower Grade exam., of the subject and language along with a pass in SSC or equivalent examination or Intermediate or equivalent from any recognized Board as per G.O. Rt No. 194, Higher Education (TE-II) Dept. date: 17-03-2005. Candidates qualified in Lower exam., of Maharastra Govt. will not be admitted except those who qualify as per G.O. Ms. No. 921, G.A. (Ser. B) Dept. dt.: 19-06-62.

Typewriting English and Telugu
High Speed
A pass in Higher Grade Examination in the concerned subject.
Shorthand English/Telugu/Urdu

A pass in SSC or Equivalent Exam.
Shorthand English
A pass in Shorthand Lower Grade Examination or any Graduation from the recognised University.                                      
Shorthand English/Telugu/Urdu
A pass in Shorthand Lower Grade Examination of the concerned subject or any Graduation from the recognised University
 Shorthand English/Telugu
All High Speeds

A pass in the Higher Grade Examination of the concerned subject.

NOTE: (1) The ITI/ITC and DLTC course treats shorthand & typewriting as combined skills, whereas SBTET treats them as independent skills. Therefore, the certificate of the stenography (English) issued by the Department of Employment and Training, A.P.Hyderabad is not treated as equivalent with that of shorthand (Eng.) of the SBTET. Hence they are not eligible to apply for shorthand English higher grade examination.

(2)  D.C.C.P. Candidates who are applying for Shorthand English Higher Grade Examination have to submit photo copies of their Provisional Certificate along with the application. Provided the candidate secures 45% marks in each of the papers in the subject in the end examination excluding the sessional/internal marks.


Subject & Grade
Lower Grade & Junior Grade
For Shorthand Inter, Shorthand Higher, Typewriting Higher and Typewriting High Speed
Shorthand High Speed
Late fee

Details of submission ofonline application along with dates, instructions and mode of payment of Typewriting and Shorthand Examinations to be held during July/August,2017 will be placed later in the
SBTET website i.e.

NOTE:     Halltickets can be downloaded from the same website before 10 days from the date of commencement of examinations.

(1)  A. Only Recognised Typewriting Institutions are permitted to upload the applications The applications submitted  by the Principals of unrecognised Typewriting Institutions, will be rejected without any intimation. The Principals of the institutions concerned should send the copies of uploaded online applications along with attested pre-requisite qualifications of the candidates and copy of the recognised order/renewal copy (attested by a Gazetted Officer) of their institute for the current year so as to reach the Secretary, State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, Government Polytechnic for Women Campus, Opp:Maruthinagar Arch, Beside:Water Tanks, Gujjanagundla, Guntur-522006 before the stipulated date for receiving the applications.


B.        All the candidates of a Typewriting Institution shall opt for only one examination centre.
C.        The Principals of the Typewriting Institutions should ensure that they selected the same  examination centre for all the candidates of his institutions as opted by him.
D.        Black & white photos and photos taken with wearing cap/cooling glass in different postures will not be accepted, as the purpose of clear identity gets defeated.
E.         The Principals of the Typewriting Institutes are advised to ensure placing of new typewriting ribbons to the machines during the examinations. Improper print of passage will be awarded zero marks.
F.         Necessary attested copies of educational qualifications of the candidates should also be enclosed with the applications.
G.        The Principals of Typewriting Institutes are advised to distribute the candidates equally among all the batches, failing which the Board will allocate the batches uniformly spreading the candidates in all batches.
H.        The Principals of the Typewriting Institutes shall check-up the photograph, name, father’s name and date of birth of the candidate mentioned in the application form as per SSC/Bonafied/Equivalent Certificates scrupulously, as the same are being incorporated in the original pass certificate of the candidate, duly certifying that the details furnished are true and the candidate has been registered and trained under his / her institution.
I.          If it is found that a Principal certified the candidature of an impostor, proxy / unrecognised institutions candidates, action will be initiated against the Principal.
J.         No candidate can appear for the same examination in different batches or for more than one grade of examination in the subject/language at the same time.  Such applications will be rejected and the candidate forfeits the fee paid and their performance will be cancelled. Candidates once qualified are not permitted to appear for the same examination.  If any such case comes to the notice of the Board the examination already passed by him/her shall be cancelled and suitable action will be initiated against the candidate.
K.         If a Principal of Typewriting Institution in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States sponsor a candidate already passed Typewriting Examination, in any case, a suitable action will be initiated against the respective Typewriting Institute and the candidate.
L.         Batch change will not be permitted under any circumstances.
M.        The application of the candidates, who do not fulfil the conditions stipulated in the application form, will be rejected. If by any chance, candidates who don’t possess requisite qualifications gets admitted and consequently appeared for the examination, the results of the examination of such candidates will be cancelled.  Similarly, if at any time, it is found that the certificate provided by the candidate and sought admission is bogus or tampered with; candidates concerned will be debarred from appearing for the Technical Examination besides the cancellation of the result.
N.        All the private candidates shall mention the Examination Centre where they would like to take up the Examination and should furnish her/his address with PIN code in block letters, as the Certificates in respect of successful candidates will be dispatched to the respective candidates only.
O.        The Candidates must be instructed to type more than 75% of the answer/passage on the first sheet, otherwise it gives impression that the candidate might not have completed the answer/passage in time and based on the first sheet matter, the candidate may be awarded marks accordingly.
P.         The Secretary, State Board of Technical Education and Training, A.P., reserves the right to cancel the result of any ineligible candidate who has been permitted to appear for examination by oversight. The Secretary also reserves the right to cancel the performance of any candidate(s) if it is found that unfair means are adopted in the examination.

Q.        All the Principals of Typewriting /Shorthand Institutions are informed to go through the following instructions of New OMR Barcoded answer sheets carefully and train the students accordingly.
`NEW OMR BAR CODED ANSWER BOOKLET:The SBTET has introduced new model of answer booklet along with the OMR sheet stitched together with perforation for Typewriting and Shorthand Examinations on which the same barcode of the candidate is printed instead of loose color answer sheets for Typing on Machine.

1.    As was earlier done, each candidate will get a printed OMR Bar Code Sheet containing the Hall-Ticket numbers, name of the candidate and details of examination appearing along with photograph imprint. The candidates are not expected to write Hall-Ticket number anywhere on the answer sheet. The O.M.R. sheets containing answer paper stitched together with perforation are to be distributed to the candidates present.

2.    The answer booklet contains 4-Papers with Barcode, Page No. and water colored session of examination for First Paper for all grades and 8-Papers for Second paper for all grades.

3.    All first papers for all grades are in one color and all second papers for all grades are in another color.

4.    Each answer sheet   stitched together will be perforated vertically from the left side of the booklet.

5.    For Typewriting Lower Grade Paper-I Examination (Speed), all candidates have to tear only one answer sheet from the booklet provided and one white paper (separately) will be supplied by the Invigilator for supporting of main answer sheet to be loaded on to type machine.  After completion of the examination, the candidates have to return the white sheet to the Invigilator.

6.    In respect of Typewriting Higher Grade Paper-I Examination (Speed), candidates are allowed to tear two (2) answer papers from the answer booklet for typing and support vice versa, and shall be enclosed to the same Answer booklet in the correct serial orders whether used/unused..

7.    In respect of Typewriting Paper-II Examinations for all grades, last answer sheet of the booklet, printed “ROUGH” may be used for rough calculations etc., of paper-II and this page should not be torn at any cost.
8.    The OMR Bar coded answer booklet in respect of Shorthand Paper-I and Paper-II examinations for all grades, contains 8- papers (16 pages) without perforation.

9.    The candidate has to enter with pen all the particulars on the answer sheets such as Grade, Language, Batch No. Paper No. Make of the Typewriter and to put his signature on the OMR sheet and first answer sheet only before the invigilator.

10.  The candidate has to separate/tear the perforated answer sheet in serial order from 1stpage one by one carefully and after typing put the papers in serial order and should once again attach the same to the left side vertical marginal paper of the same page along with the papers unused, then pinned put together and affix the stickers properly in the place provided to it.

11.  It is the responsibility of the student to see that the papers together with his/her OMR sheet are stapled and stickers are pasted on the correct marked place on the O.M.R.Sheet with due certification and counter signature of the candidate and Invigilator.

12.  No additional papers will be issued.

13.  Unused Answer sheets shall be maintained intact with Answer Booklet else the candidate will be booked under malpractice.

14.  The Barcode on OMR Sheet and all Answer sheets shall be maintained intact from fold, scramble, scratch, pierce, tearing etc., which renders unreadable while scanning.

15.  Un-authorized exchange, replacement, insertion of papers, removal of unused answer sheets will be viewed seriously and renders ineligible for valuation.


16. No candidate will be allowed into the examination hall, once the Paper-II examination is commenced.

17. Don’t tear OMR sheet at any cost.

18. Don’t tear all the answer sheets at a time at any cost and the candidate is advised to tear one by one serially the required sheets only. The additional sheets can be torn only if need arises. Torn but unused answer sheets will be booked under malpractice.

19. The candidate may continue in the same sheet, even though one or two lines are typed wrongly. Only the correct answer will be valued and he will not be penalized for continuing in the same sheet.

20. In respect of Shorthand Examinations, no answer sheet shall be torn at any cost and after completion of the examination, the shorthand notebook must be tagged/pinned with the OMR answer booklet without fail.

21. No candidate is allowed to tear or take away any used or unused answer sheet from the examination hall, if it is found, the candidate will be booked under malpractice.

22. After completion of the examination, if a candidate does not hand over/insert Four (4) answer sheets of Typewriting Paper-I (Speed) Examination and Eight (8) answer sheets of Typewriting Paper-II (Manuscript) Examination along with the OMR booklet, the examination will be cancelled without any intimation.
a.         The Principals of Typewriting Institutes are advised to submit the downloaded online applications of Typewriting and Shorthand Examinations within the scheduled dates along with copies of pre-requisite attested qualification certificates arranged in proper order (Grade-wise, Language-wise and Batch-wise) together with a covering letter  and enclose online nominal role list so as to avoid delay in processing the scrutiny of applications.
b.         The applications completed in all respects and arranged as mentioned above should be sent in one bundle under named cover of theSecretary,State Board of Technical Education and Training, Government Polytechnic for Women Campus, Opp:Maruthinagar Arch, Beside: Water Tanks, Gujjanagundla, Guntur-522006 before the last date of receipt of applications.
c.         The Nominal Rolls will be made available with the concerned Chief Superintendents and the Principals of type institutes can verify the same and bring any discrepancies to the notice of the Chief Superintendents.
d.         The Principals of Typewriting Institutes should ensure and satisfy themselves about the identity of the candidate. The Principals should not sponsor candidate to appear for exam in more than one batch in the same subject/ language/grade.
e.         The Principals of Typewriting Institutes are requested to co-operate with the Chief Superintendents in the maintenance of discipline in the examination centre.
f.    The undersigned reserves the right to cancel any centre notified due to administrative reasonsand re-allot the candidates to a nearby centre of examination.